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2009 10 08

Raimondas Baikstys, “Mutual cooperation is a weapon against crisis”

Raimondas Baikstys, the General Manager of the joint-stock company “Pozeminiai darbai”, which has implemented 16 million Litas valued project in Elektrenai, says that the EU Cohesion Fund provides an opportunity to create comfort living conditions and to prevent pollution of the environment. “The 20-years guarantee for the implemented works ensures that during this period in Elektrenai no networks will be excavated, no pavements will be dismounted, tap water in households is equipped – inhabitants of Elektrenai will have continual access to public utilities. Besides, the damage situations of getting excrements into the Elektrenai Sea should not happen again,” states Raimondas Baikstys.

The general manager of the joint-stock company “Pozeminiai darbai”, “EU provides mutual benefit – living condition of inhabitants are improved while businesses are prevented from bankruptcy. This is a weapon against a crisis.” According to him, capability to appropriately use the EU provided support and operative work of companies guarantee the expansion of fresh water resources and better living conditions of people.