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Environmental Protection

Pozeminiai Darbai AB pays a great deal of attention to the prevention of breakdowns, accidents and pollution incidents.

The company has lots of experience in implementing environmentally-friendly projects. The collection, sorting and storing of waste as well as its transfer to authorised enterprises play a significant role in the company activities.

Pozeminiai Darbai AB is one of the first construction organisations in Lithuania which has integrated an employee safety and health protection system, which conforms to the requirements of the standard LST 1977:2005 (BSI-OHSAS 18001:2007), into its environmental protection and quality system. A third-party audit has conducted the examination and confirmed that the environmental protection and quality system is working efficiently.

The company regularly performs internal control checks in order to verify the compliance with the legal acts and procedures of the integrated quality and environmental protection system. An internal auditor team has been set up the General Manager. This team is responsible for carrying out regular internal audits in different departments of the company.

The company intends to carry on being actively involved in the environmental protection, pollution prevention and  optimization of the usage of natural resources.  We will continue doing our best not to exceed the legal limits of environmental impact.