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Currently Pozeminiai Darbai AB employs about 200 people. Improvement of the work environment, encouragement of the employee motivation and assurance of career opportunities are among the continuous endeavors of the company. The internal company culture is especially important.

The company employees are constantly offered professional training possibilities. Successful career guarantee assures employee motivation: they are offered numerous possibilities to improve their knowledge and professional skills while participating in various trainings, conferences and specialized trade shows. A great deal of attention is also devoted to the pay as well as the employee safety, workload and the relationship between the Management and the rest of the team. We strive to create and preserve a pleasant work atmosphere.

Pozeminiai Darbai AB values each and every employee strongly believing that the successful operation of the company strongly depends on the solid and united team. The company is proud of its professional and extremely competent employees.

The goal of the company is focused on the improvement of the living conditions for everybody. If you share our opinion and are diligent, responsible, ambitious and initiative; if you strive to share your knowledge and improve your professional skills; if you are interested in water management and heating systems, you are welcome to join the team of Pozeminiai Darbai AB. Let’s build the future together!