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2021 04 01

Emergency repair of water supply and sewage networks, replacement of worn-out water supply equipmentCustomer: AB Kauno

2020 10 02

Reconstruction of Klaipeda city 4P main heating networks from 4P-26 to 2P-52, from collector to 4P-4,

2020 09 02

Reconstruction of heat supply networks between ŠK 1Ž-14 and ŠK 7Ž-7A Draugystės st., Kaunas Customer: AB

2020 02 05

AB “Požeminiai darbai” celebrates its’ 40th anniversary. This period is marked by sustainable development and the

2019 08 27

Reconstruction of Klaipeda city main heat supply network Customer: AB „Klaipėdos energija“ Length of general heat

2013 03 15

Consistent qualitative work of “Požeminiai darbai” AB led to another award of “Successfully Operating company”. This

2012 11 07

In 2012 “Pozeminiai darbai” AB successfully completed several large-scale heat supply network construction projects: “Modernization of

2011 03 09

One of the largest Lithuanian companies in construction of water facilities and heating operating „Požeminiai darbai“

2010 11 02

One of the biggest companies in Lithuania, involved in the construction of water and sewerage systems,

2010 07 15

On 15th of July, the last pipe was equipped and the last seam was welded in