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2010 05 31

In May of this year, a joint-stock company “Pozeminiai darbai” signed five agreements on heat supply

2010 03 22

“Pozeminiai darbai“ is one of the biggest companies in Lithuania involved in the construction of water

2009 12 22

On 16th of December, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists announced nominations of “Successfully Operating Company 2009” which

2009 11 23

Despite the factors, arising during crisis, which restrict construction activities and worsen the economic situation, the

2009 10 08

Raimondas Baikstys, the General Manager of the joint-stock company “Pozeminiai darbai”, which has implemented 16 million

2009 10 08

The project “Renovation of Pump Houses and Pressure Lines in the Main Wastewater Networks in the

2009 08 05

In order to improve living conditions of inhabitants of Sirvintos, Kabalda, Jurbarkas, and Joniskis, projects on

2009 06 16

The company “Pozeminiai darbai” has accomplished obligations of the won project “Development of the Water Supply

2009 05 27

Big companies which are regular public tender participants feel being forced out of business by the

2009 05 27

Big companies, which are regular public tender participants, feel being forced out of business by the